Saturday, November 3, 2012

Carnival Glory: Nassau

Yay! We made it to the Bahamas!! We had never been so we were really excited.  There were 5 other ships in port that day, 3 were Carnival, 1 NCL, 1 Royal. It was packed. Due to this we couldnt see much when pulling into port which was disappointing, however, we didnt want to stay long looking outside since we had a limited number of hours on the island.

We headed to deck 3 forward so that we could be one of the first off the ship. We were asked to move from the stairs due to customs coming on board, fire regulations etc. However after we moved, they allowed a lot of people down the steps. Oh well. We waited next to the Amber Palace and then we were out of there! Our plan worked and we didnt have to wait in line to get off. We experienced a 45 minute line getting off in Cozumel which was awful!

We walked along the port area, saw some  Bahamian Navy ships, then headed out through the shops. Followed the signs to the taxi drivers, found a driver right away and waited a couple of minutes for the taxi to fill up. The ride was $4 pp and only took about 10 minutes. The  driver was a bit much as far as thinking he owned the road, but was a much better driver than others we have experienced.

We were dropped off right in front, just past the Comfort Suites and walked right in to check in.

A sign in the cab :) 

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