Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carnival Glory: Room 7223

As mentioned previously, our room was very different from our other two rooms. This room had very little wiggle room. We also are usually on a top deck that just has rooms located forward, with very minimal rooms.  This time we were on empress which has rooms going from forward to aft.

Although our room was forward, there seemed to be a lot more traffic than we are used to in front of our rooms and it was very loud at times. We also could hear the shows and events located in the Amber Palace until about 11pm. We booked with a floor in between us and the Promenade deck to try to avoid this noise but we are night owls so it didn't really bother us much.

As you can see, the safe is operated by a card with a magnetic strip. It is advised that you do not use your sail & sign card for this. We used a old hotel room key my boyfriend still had in his wallet.

This room had a lot of bathroom storage which was perfect. 

Carnival Glory: Embarkation Day

We went into this cruise with good spirits. We were very excited for this vacation. We had never been to the Bahamas so we were looking forward to that immensely. The weeks leading up to the cruise I watched the weather and storms forming and was very aware of the large probability of a storm changing some of our plans. What I was not prepared for was how large Sandy was going to be. The week before we left, the weather for Nassau on Wednesday & Thursday was 30 % & 40%. Monday morning it was obvious that was not the case, rain seemed to be 100%.

We were bound to make the most of it. With that in mind, we picked up the other couple traveling with us and left for Norfolk. We arrived at the port and parked at the closest parking garage, Town Point. Carnival recommends the Cedar Grove parking facility which is guarded 24 hours. It is also a mile away and you are bussed (for free) to the port, rate of parking is $15/day.  Weeks before our cruise I contacted the division that handles the parking garages about parking at Town Point. They tried to persuade us to park at Cedar Grove and said that regardless of it not being posted anywhere, cruisers would be charged $15/day for cruise parking at the TP lot. To make a long story short we decided to park at the TP Garage for its convenience as it is located across the street. As mentioned before when we got to the garage there was no sign posting the difference in price for cruise parking. We took our ticket and finally found parking. It was packed! For anyone interested, when we left we were only charged $12/day.

We had received an email asking us to arrive between 1 and 3 pm. Since we were driving, that was our ETA anyways so that was no problem. There was a good number of people entering the port at the same time as we were but it went pretty fast. Once we got to security they asked if we had any wine, we answered yes since we had each brought our allotted bottle. They asked to see it but didn't look it over, shake it, or check the cork.  We also brought a pocket knife which I had put in my carry on. When it went through, they asked to see the knife which was no problem since it is under the 4" or less regulation by Carnival. The only problem was that they pulled aside the bag they said it was in and I knew it wasnt in that one, I had packed our bags after all. I kept trying to say it was in the pink bag they kept telling me it was in the black bag. Finally they took the pink bag, I told them it was in the front pocket and they tried to open the top. Very frustrating as it was already holding up the line, all they had to do was listen. They opened the knife, checked it and then we were free to proceed.

Once we were in line to get our sail & sign cards, we hit another minor snafu. The 4 of us were booked in two rooms, my boyfriend in one & I in the other so that both rooms were eligible for the past guest rate. Carnival said to just have them switch the girls in each room here to avoid having to wait in line at guest services for new cards. When we got to the desk the 4 of us went together and I began to explain the situation. Before I could even finish she said we would need to handle that with guest services. I asked her why since Carnival had told us that they would do it and she said they couldnt do it and we would need to do this on board. Fine, we moved on and started to get our paperwork settled. Every time I would give her any information she would remind me that she couldnt change the people in the rooms and I needed to give her the info for one room at a time. I explained we had moved on and that I was giving her the info as it was on he "manifest" that she kept referring to. This happened 3 separate times. Finally she too had moved on and we were able to get our sail and sign cards. It took a couple extra minutes but we were finally on our way.

We skipped the embark photos and headed up the gang way to deck 3. We decided to go ahead and head to our rooms and get the keys settled later. We unpacked and I was shocked by the room. I am claustrophobic and the room was vastly different from our first two. It took a few days to get used to but more on that later. We explored the ship some, got ready for the muster drill and then met up with our friends for sail away. We were on our way to the Bahamas!! Sort of...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carnival Glory: Not so Glorious

Hey guys!

We are back from the Glory a day early, and what a week it was. I need a vacation to recoup from that vacation! Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy had other plans for us and our itinerary changed almost immediately.  Due to a medical emergency that forced us to return close to Norfolk the first night, we arrived in Naasau late and couldnt stay for more than a handful of hours. Our stop in Freeport was cancelled and changed to Port Canaveral, which was also cancelled. We instead were at sea, in the storm for the remainder of the cruise. I have lots of notes, photos, and videos to go through but will be working on posting this week to give you all the details!

Our revised itinerary:

Oct 22 Norfolk- depart 5 pm
Oct 23 Day at Sea
Oct 24 Nassau 1-8 pm
Oct 25 Day at Sea
Oct 26 Day at Sea
Oct 27 Nofolk 11 am

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Carnival Glory

We are getting ready to take our third cruise on Monday!!!

Carnival Glory

October 22 Norfolk 5 pm
October 23 Fun Day at Sea
October 24 Nassau 11:30 am
October 25 Nassau 10 pm
October 26 Freeport 8am - 3 pm
October 27 Fun Day at Sea
October 28 Norfolk 8 am

This cruise will be different than our others for a couple of reasons:

We are traveling with another couple, one of whom has never cruised before.
We are driving to port rather than flying.
We are staying in a port for two days.

Right now we are just doing last minute errands, getting ready to start packing and hoping for the best weather wise!! Although I plan to enjoy this cruise I am excited to get back and give you all the details! Please leave a comment while I am gone if you have any questions regarding the ship, itinerary, ports of call, etc!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cruising out of Baltimore?

Are you planning to take a cruise out of Baltimore and want to spend some time exploring the city?

Great news! There are tons of things to do either pre or post cruise.

Inner Harbor is a great place for a romantic day for couples or a fun filled family trip.

Baltimore Aquarium is the a must see for all ages. They have tons of animal encounter activities and some of the top exhibits. Dont miss the dolphin show!

Interested in the odd and un-natural? Visit the Ripleys Believe it or not Odditorium. They also have a 4D theater and mirror maze.

Take a dinner cruise along the harbor for a different view of the city.

Visit Fort McHenry, the home of the Star Spangled Banner.

There are tons of shopping and restaurant options as well. Love Italian? Visit the Little Italy District or grab some fresh seafood at Philips!

Depending on what time of year you are visiting you can catch a Ravens or Orioles game conveniently located close to the harbor.

Staying for an extended amount of time? Check out all that our lovely nations capital has to offer!

Have you taken a trip to Inner Harbor? Do you have anything you think people would enjoying doing in Baltimore? Leave a comment :)