Saturday, January 25, 2014

Single Digit Dance

Hi:) Shield your eyes! Its time for another embarrassing shimee!! Its me, doing the single digit dance. We leave in 9 days WAHOOOOOOO. I feel like I have SO much to do this week. I haven't started to pack or anything so I will get some of that accomplished tomorrow. I work all week and then it is just a couple days until we fly out to Miami. So far it just looks like rain coming our way. Fingers crossed for good weather!!

Just a little recap of our upcoming itinerary:

Monday Feb 3 Miami- depart 4 pm
Tuesday Day at Sea
Wednesday Grand Turk 7-5
Thursday Day at Sea
Friday Little Stirrup Cay/ Coco Cay 7-5
Saturday Miami 8 am

We cancelled our planned excursion in GT so both days will be relaxing days at the beach. Can not wait!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A cruise with no excursions???

We have decided to cancel our horse back riding excursion. Although my BF was originally interested when we looked at it in the Bahamas, he has now lost interest and it certainly isnt on my top things to do right now. We have decided to do 0 excursions. We are simply going to lounge around on the beach, visit Jacks Shack and have a great relaxing time in Grand Turk. In CoCo Cay we also plan to do nada!! I am interested to see if this is as perfect as it sounds or if we will get bored. Although, with this cold winter weather, laying on a lounger in the Caribbean with a Miami Vice sounds amazingggggg.

Have you ever gone on a vacation and not done any sort of excursion? Let me know how your experience was!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nails Nails Nails

Hey guys! I am super excited. Remember my Jamberry nail sticker post from a couple weeks ago? Well I went ahead and ordered a sheet for our cruise and it should be delivered today! I decided that I wanted to go for one of the anchors. This is the sheet I purchased.

I am really excited to put these on a couple of days before the trip and show you all how they look!! I have quite the outfit going for embarkation day so I am really excited! The days are going by quickly now. I have been getting all of our travel docs and boarding passes all printed this week. Soon it will be time to pack and we will be boarding! With the weather lately I can not wait to board with my DOD!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Carnival Victory: 30 days til we sail

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Now that the new year has begun, we are 30 days out from being in the warm Caribbean sun. I can check our airfare off my list of things to do before we are ready to go.

We are flying in to Miami day of the cruise as usual, arriving in Miami around 8 am. This is the same AA flight we took for our cruise on the Destiny and it is great to be one of the first flights out. We are hoping for no winter weather shenanigans on the day we leave but we will monitor the weather closely. Worst case we move our flights to Saturday from Monday and get to enjoy a couple days pre cruise in South Beach!

We are also flying out day of and I will admit I am a tad bit nervous.... our flight leaves Miami at 11:05 EEK! We have bought FTTF so we have priority disembarkation which makes me feel a little better. Carnivals recommendation for flights out of Miami is 11:30-12 butttttt we had zippy options. We couldnt stay an additional day in SOBE and I DO NOT do layovers. So we could either take the 11:05 flight, an 11:40 flight, or a 9:00 pm flight. Decisions, decisions. We considered staying until the 9 pm flight doing some touristy stuff around finding somewhere to store our luggage(FYI MIA has lockers where you can do such). Why didnt we give ourselves a smidgen more wiggle room and book the 11:40 flight you ask??

OH EM GEE I have never ever seen flights to Miami be so expensive from our neck of the woods. The last time we went, we flew down on Thanksgiving and came back the following Tuesday paying $175pp roundtrip. The 11:40 flight alone was $280 and rising. Again, OH EM GEE! CRAZYNESS. So the extra 35 minutes might save my stress levels that day but there was nooooo way I would pay that. We have watched the flights since we booked and they havent gone down at all. Even our booked flights totaled $250 pp.

Hopefully the weather is in our favor and customs doesnt decide they want to crucially inspect our boat. Fingers crossed. My to do list is getting shorter and shorter with me really just needing to figure out what we want to pack. This will be the first time that we arent doing just a carry on each thanks to the lovely luggage I received for christmas! It will be nice to be able to pack everything we want. Oh boy I can see myself overpacking all ready :)