Friday, November 1, 2013

Faster to the Fun?

Carnival recently revealed their "Faster to the Fun" program with their 2.0 upgrades. We decided we would buy it for our upcoming cruise on the Victory. What does "FTTF" include?

*Priority Check in with Express Boarding - There is a separate check in line for those who have achieved Platinum & Diamond status, along with FTTF cruisers. You board the cruise before regular boarding.

*Guaranteed Stateroom - Your room is ready as soon as you board, as opposed to having to wait until 1:30 or so as normal. This is great for people with carry on bags or kids.

 *Express Luggage - Your luggage makes it way up to your room ahead of normal.

 *Guest Services Line - Hate when you just need something quick but there are 50 people at Guest Services? Now you can join the "platinum" line! You also have a designated line you can call from your room to reach guest services.

*Dining Reservations - Your group gets priority for reservations at both the main dining room as well as specialty restaurants.

 *Tender Priority - Ready to board a tender boat to one of your port stops? Head down to that special line at guest services and you can bypass the line. NOTE - This does not include return tender OR ports of call where you are docked at the pier.

 *Debarkation - You can leave first or last! FTTF allows you to choose early or late debarking.

Think FTTF seems like something you could use to your advantage? Want to know if it is available for your sailing? Check out Carnivals Shore Excursion page for more info.

**You only need to buy FTTF for one person per room, not for both or all. If you have more than one room, one person from each room must purchase.

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