Sunday, October 26, 2014

Whats your favorite thing about cruising?

I read an interesting article this afternoon which got me thinking about why I LOVE to cruise so much! Sid makes a lot of good points on both the pros and cons of cruising, but this is going to be about my favorites.

The best thing about cruising to me? The first moments of stepping onto the ship. Walking into the atrium, you just know that this vacation is going to be a good one!All the smiling faces, relaxation just takes over. I will certainly never forget the first time I walked into the Atrium on the Victory, as you walk up the ship is soooo big. Get yourself a Drink of the Day and you are set for the week!

Next is the excitement of the destinations, thus far I have never visited the same port twice. The more I cruise the less likely that will continue. I love visiting somewhere new each time I step off board. Each island offers something different, beach , mountains, amazing cuisine, once of a lifetime excursions. No matter what your taste for adventure is, you are sure to find something for you everywhere.

Don't like getting off the ship on the islands? Many people love having the ship practically  to themselves and there sure is plenty to do on board (although I cant vouch for what goes on when the ship is in port, I am always off on an adventure). The pools, slide and water park type areas are always a hit for kids and adults alike. The pools are seriously packed on sea days so make sure you get there early. The entertainment stuff does a great job on dance shows, scavenger hunts, great comedians, and at night check out the disco!

The food is always a plus. I do understand where Sid is coming from,  24-7 food can be a dangerous thing. I still haven't worked off the 8 lbs I gained from my February cruise but the food is just wonderful. Lobster night, shrimp cocktail, ice cream cones, OH MY! It is obviously all about control here but you are on vacation, indulge a little.

What are your favorite things? Do you enjoy the same things as I do? How do you feel when you first walk into the atrium?

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