Thursday, November 8, 2012


After we checked out our room, we headed out to Aquaventure!! There were some awesome smaller lagoons along the path towards the beach and aquaventure. The property was nice & clean we found many helpful employees to direct us along the way. That is one thing they could use, more signs! The property is HUGE and the maps are just as big and kinda confusing.

We made our way down the path, once you hit the end of it you have hit a dead end at the beach. You can go left or right, Aquaventure is to the left. There seems to be some pool to you right. You could also hit the beach. We walked along and finally got to a towel hut to pick up our wrist bands. We had been stopped by security at two separate locations to see proof of our stay. Then we went to the Hospitality station to rent a locker. They have 3 sizes available. Small $7, Medium $9, Large $12. We asked for a medium but were charged for and given a small, we were chatting with the guy so we must have confused him. Anywho a tote bag with 4 Carnival beach towels, 4 pairs of flips flops and clothes for all 4 of us all fit, but it was pretty tight. This area also had changing rooms.

We went straight to the Mayan Temple area to go on the Serpent Slide which is an inner tube (single or two person) that you go through ending in a clear tube through the shark tank. You can also take the regular slide through the tank with no inner tube. Our friends tried & liked that but thought it was pretty steep.  There were no lines, a lot of people must have cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy but we had awesome weather, no rain until we were getting back on board.

We wanted to try the current so we headed over to one of the multiple entrances to that. This was a lot of fun but took about 30 minutes as it is a mile long. Like I mentioned, there are lots of entrances/ exits but I am not sure where all you end up as it is a large park. Once we finished there we wanted to see the beach a little before heading inside to the Digs.

Due to the Hurricane, there was no swimming allowed in the ocean but we walked along putting our feet in. There was a lifeguard down the way that kept whistling at us. I know it is dangerous but we were seriously not even in ankle deep, the water was not pulling back in either. Oh well.

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