Friday, November 9, 2012

Carnival Glory: ATLANTIS "The Digs"

One of the things we wanted to make sure we got to see was "The Digs" which is the large aquarium area Atlantis has. Let me just say that although we saw a lot, we also missed a lot. You most definitely need to do an actual stay at the resort to do everything.

Again, no lines or looking over people at the aquarium due to the Hurricane. The area was beautiful and well kept just like the rest of the property. The fish, rays, etc also were in awesome shape as were the tanks and exhibits.

You are able to get guided tours of the digs but we opted to just walk it ourselves. They dont have any type of signs showing you what exactly you are looking at. There is a two sided poster that shows a couple different types that you can carry around with you but we did not see it until afterwards.

The area is also "decorated" with Atlantis type decor, murals, etc which was all very nice. We walked past one of the tours where the woman was saying the one aquarium was maybe "am arcade or something that the kids of Atlantis played in on Saturday mornings." I thought this was a little much.

We spent at least an hour looking at all of the exhibits and animals which they had a good variety of. They have a couple of very large manta rays that were amazing to watch as they glided around the tanks. It is crazy how big they are!! I also enjoyed the jellyfish, there were two different tanks of them, each a different type. I do wish their sea horse & clown fish display was larger.

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