Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carnival Glory: ATLANTIS!

The Atlantis is somewhere I have wanted to see since I was a little girl and the Mary Kate & Ashley movie where they stayed there came out. It looked sooo awesome. So when we booked a cruise to the Bahamas I knew it was a must see.

When originally going over our game plan for Nassau, we had 2 days in port so the best bang for our buck was to rent a room so that we could enjoy both days there if we wanted to. We compared booking with Atlantis vs Comfort Suites and found that there was a $5 difference (we booked really late) so it was a no brainer to book direct with Atlantis.

If you book early enough Comfort Suites is a true value. You get full access to Atlantis and they do have free breakfast. It is literally right next door so it is no problem to walk down the street to get to the resort.

We went to check in and ran into a minor hiccup. I had called previous to booking once as well as calling the day before we arrived from the ship. I asked specifically on my first call if there were any additional charges that were not included so that I made sure we were actually better off booking with Atlantis. I was assured the only thing extra would be food, lockers, etc. When we checked in they asked for a card to link to the account so I gladly handed over mine. Before adding the card she left me know that there would be a $150 hold per day on the card for incidentals. Even though I had asked previously about this, I was fine with this. However, then they told me it would be held for 31 days! I have stayed at many hotels where it is a week at most, usually they reverse the charge when you check out. I was shocked. 31 days? That is just crazy. I let them know I was very disappointed with this as I had called with questions and was not told about this, it is also no where in the terms & conditions which I read before agreeing to. I let them know that I had spoken to Celine, a manager in the reservations department. They kindly waived this $150 letting me know that I wouldn't be able to charge anything to my room while at the facility. I said that was fine as I prefer to charge everything to my card at the time of purchase to make sure I am charged the correct amount.

Wanting to get started on our day we finished checking in and headed to our room to see it before heading out the aquaventure!

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