Saturday, November 3, 2012

Carnival Glory: "Fun Day at Sea" #1

Today was the day that they changed our itinerary. The day actually started out pretty nice. It was still pretty chilly but we were able to lay out for a little bit on the side of the lido, near the pool was PACKED! We watched a bit of the hairy chest contest, ate and just mingled around until we decided to go to the hot tub in the spa which we fantastic!

That is when the captain came on. We of course couldnt hear so I had to get out of the hot tub and ask. They explained that we had a medical emergency the night before and had to turn around back to Norfolk. We were on the Lido when this happened at about midnight, the coast guard helicopter came down. They closed off the area with the pizza etc. Later we found out a woman was having chest pains and eventually had a heart attack but is okay. He let us know that it would delay our arrival in Nassau until 1 pm.

Then he explained about Sandy (still a TS). We would only get from 1-8 in Nassau, instead of overnighting and miss Freeport on Friday. We would instead would head to Port Canaveral on Friday (eye roll, hardly a cruise stop).  Due to large projections of the storms before we left I really wish they would have diverted us to Bermuda. Thought would have been awesome.

So the announcement really put a damper on the day and I headed to guest services where they allowed us to call for free any pricate excursions that we had booked. I went down to call Atlantis to see if there was anything we could do. We had a room booked and wouldnt be able to use it so we were hoping to be able to cancel it with a refund of some sort and then make new plans for the day.

Atlantis has a 31 day cancellation policy and said that they didnt have any info on the storm being such a threat ( that was obviously a lie seeing as how the storm turned out). They said we had two options, either continue with our plans to stay at Atlantis or they could hold our booking for 6 months. If we chose option #2, we would be responsible for any extra charges or difference in room costs. Since we didnt have any plans for an upcoming trip to  Nassau we were forced to keep our reservation. More on that in the next post.

Tonight was also Elegant Night. We got all dressed up, went to the MDR. Everything was great. We went to the comedy show after, Jorge Solano was hilarious. Afterwards we went to the hot tubs and then the disco.

Next up, our awesome day at the Atlantis!!!

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