Saturday, September 22, 2012

Post cruise in South Beach part 2

We decided we werent going to do much during our stay in south beach. We walked across to the beach and decided to just walk down a ways and then make our way back to the street. It was the end of November but there were quite a few people swimming and enjoying the beach. There were netted areas recommended for swimming due to large amount of man of war jellyfish. They had washed up on the beach everywhere.

On Ocean Drive when you are walking over to the beach there is Lummus Park which is a great area! There is tons of work out equipment and a bath for biking, skating, or running. It is a nice touch and there were tons of people making use of the facilities. There is also an area for washing off sand and restrooms every so often. 

After a bit we headed back up to the street and did some souvenir shopping. There and quite a few restaurants, bars, shops along with businesses. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back out. We decided to go to Wet Willies for some drinks ( they have more of the slushie style drinks i mentioned in my Key West post). We decided to sit on the balcony of the second floor which overlooks Ocean Drive. South Beach is absolutely gorgeous at night and was so fun to just walk around.

The next day we had an early evening flight so we checked out in the morning. Ocean Reef was kind enough to keep our bags for the day in their office so that we could take in our last couple hours of vaca. We did more walking around today, decided to head opposite of the beach and look around at what else South Beach had to offer.

We had our airport shuttle come pick us up at the hotel and then we were on our way back home. We had a wonderful time in South Beach and would definitely consider staying at the Ocean Reef again.

Have you stayed in South Beach? What kind of things to you enjoy there?


  1. Great pictures. My fiance and I are looking into south beach condo rentals
    for next summer. We have never been so this should be exciting. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kaden! Thank you for your comment. What type of people are you? Beach people, night life people, adventure people?

      South Beach (Miami in general) has tons to see!

      Obviously the beach is a must! It was really nice minus the large amount of jelly fish that were there with us! (I believe it was mating season).

      Adventure people? Check out the everglades! I did that on a previous trip to Miami and it was a lot of fun. There a lot of "alligator farm" type places that take you on air boat rides and offer shows.

      Jungle Island is also a fun area that offers tons of animal exhibits and hands on experiences.

      Looking for nightlife? The Clevelander South Beach is the place to be! They offer a ton of bars on site as well as cool pool lounge areas.

      Hope this helped you some. Let me know if I can further help you. Hope you and your fiance have an amazing trip!

  2. There's plenty of south beach clubs that can top the list. The Miami Beach nightlife is know to also attract top DJ's from around the world!