Monday, September 10, 2012

Room Service

Room Service. MY FAVORITE!!! Just kidding, one of my favorite things about cruising. The room service is 24 hrs and is FREE FREE FREE (it is customary to tip a couple dollars each time). We had a friend who took a cruise a couple months before our first and we were comparing stories etc. Boy was he MAD when he found out that it was free! He had no idea so he never ordered it! Glad we could fill him in for next time.

Room Service is available 24 hrs, you just call the # and order they have a great menu. There is soda and alcohol available for an extra charge just like everywhere else on board. For breakfast there is a door hanger you put out in the mornings before 4 am I believe and you can have coffee, cereal, etc (lots of choices) delivered at whatever time you wish in the AM. Absolutely delicious.

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