Thursday, August 30, 2012

Secret Decks

If you take a look at the floor plans for your ship you will see that at the end of the hallway(forward) what looks like a hallway going to the outside. There is a set of doors on each side of the hall. No markings of a door but it takes you to the secret deck area. Depending on your ship it will be on different floors. We have had it on 6,7,9, & 10 on the Victory and 6 & 7 on the Destiny. This is quite the secluded area overlooking the front of the ship. You can also see up into the Bridge area.

IPhone quality but you get the idea. This area has two doors, one inside the ship and another to get to the outside. The second door is extremely heavy!!! They do not have any lights out here at night so it just beautiful to see all of the stars.

There is a bench on one of the levels and stairs connecting the levels. A warning to people with long hair, this area is extremely windy!! Even more so than the lido deck!!! 

When we were on the Victory we could see flying fish looking over from the secret deck on our day at sea which was really neat.  I am sure you can see all kinds of things depending on the area you are in!!

Do you have any "secret" areas you enjoy on the ship that you would like to share?

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