Sunday, August 19, 2012

Carnival Victory: Overall Thoughts

This cruise definitely set the bar high for future vacations. As our first "real vacation", we got to experience so many different things. The food, service, ports of call were all out of this world!

Our room steward Marlon and his two assistants were always so happy to help fulfill any of our requests or answer any questions. As with the other crew members, they always had a smile on their faces and greeted us warmly. Our room was cleaned both in the morning and the evening, which was nice but unnecessary.In the future I will request to just have our rooms done in the evenings.

I loved the itinerary and would consider taking the same cruise again. With only one port day i can see how some would find the schedule exhausting but we just slept really good every night. The ship was great but it didn't have anything special that would make me take the Victory over another ship in the future. Although the ship isnt the newest, it is still in great condition.

The food was absolutely delicious. We only ate in the main dining room on two of the nights so we mostly enjoyed the sushi bar, pizza, grill, deli as well as the 24 hour room service. There is absolutely something for everybody. Just want a snack? The 24 hour ice cream stations are great!

We found the drinks to be average priced compared to where we live at $5.75 to $8.00 depending on what you ordered.  I tend to drink DODs (drink of the days). Each day there is a different drink but you can order any of them throughout the week. They come in awesome souvenir cups that you can refill at a cheaper rate through out the cruise.

They have fun little sayings on the back.
I like to use mine after the cruise and pretend I am on vacation :)

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