Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Review: The Family Freedom Project

The Family Freedom Project is unlike any other book that I have read. Liisa Vexler breaks down how you can free your family from living 9-5. Even if you do not have children, this book can help you! The first half of the book is more of an enrichment course that you could easily use for improving your lifestyle: weight loss, getting back into the dating scene after a divorce or running a marathon. The book goes into detail on lifestyle design: understanding what you want from life, visualizing your goals and removing any obstacles that can and will slow you down from living your life, the way you really want it.

 Liisa says “Get Started today. Don’t wait. Life is Short. Turn your dream into a plan, and make it a reality.” This is definitely a theme that she used in her goal to be more involved in her children’s day to day lives. Her family splits their time between their native Canada and Costa Rica, where she and her husband Derek spent their honeymoon. As their idea that they wanted more out of life grew, they remembered how much they loved Costa Rica and took a trip back to see if it was what they remembered. It was, and soon they had planned a 6-month stay in Tamarindo.  Their experience wasn’t bump free but she dives into the good and not so good details that helped them decide what would make this work for their family. Both Liisa and Derek have Internet based jobs, which gave them the flexibility they desired so that they could explore their new home, travel and watch their kids grow.

Moving in general has a lot of steps but moving out of the country? That takes a plan and this book has very detailed step by step guidelines to help you successfully make it to your destination. The second half of the book is definitely about uprooting your family. She helps you figure out your goals, what you need to get there and how to finally obtain them. There will be obstacles along the way. She shows you how to identify if the obstacles you face are Emotional Barriers, Financial Barriers or Logistical Barriers and how to solve the issues holding you back. Liisa has tips on ways to support yourself at your new home, what to do with your current home and belongings, gives experience on needing a vehicle and ways to stay in touch with your extended family. Sharing her observations and experiences along the way, the book also showcases other ex-pat families living in Costa Rica. It is interesting to read how other families made the decision to live free. 

The tools found in the Family Freedom Project are invaluable. If you want to read more about Liisa and her family, follow their journey, or check out more Ex-Pat stories, look for The Family Freedom Project online , on Facebook, and on Twitter ! Want a copy of The Family Freedom Project? The book is available to purchase today.

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