Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carnival Victory: Barbados

We arrived at 8 am, back on board at 4:30 and sailed at 5.

Bridgetown was a a very pretty city but the port area seems to be quite industrial.We go off the ship and walked through the port area. There is a visitor booth area in the shopping area with maps and someone there to answer your questions. We decided we wanted to go to Harbour Lights so we headed out to the taxi area. This is something that could definitely be improved at this port. The taxi area is extremely congested as the taxis all line up on a couple lanes and people are yelling out what areas they are going to. We found a taxi that held about 10 people that was heading where we wanted so we got in and waited for it to fill up.  Our driver explained the areas we were passing through and popular local activities. The drive was very nice, downtown Bridgetown has a very European feel as it was colonized by Britain.  The ride was $4 per person each way and the driver let us know what time he would be back for the group. We walked down to the beach where at the top was a bar/ grill area with flying fish and great rum drinks! Seemed to be pretty reasonable prices for both but we just tried the alcohol. There were hardly any vendors here and the ones that we did see were extremely respectful. If you said, no they didn't bother you and thanked you for your time.

The sand was soft, cool, and speckled with pink and the water here is beautiful and clear. There were nice schools of minnows swimming around the tide area.  There were different vendors for water activities on the beach. We only stayed at the beach for 2 hours because the sun was so hot and we decided to walked back to the port. This was incredibly easy since we paid attention to the drive to the beach. You can also see the ship from the beach so you will have a general idea of the direction you need to be going. The walk back only took about 30 minutes, we stopped in a store or two on the way back. The shopping area was so heavily congested it was nearly impossible to get into the shops so we headed back on board to eat a late lunch.

Just a special note Barbados does not allow smoking in any public areas as well as it is illegal to wear any camouflage clothing, including backpacks! We were told it is strictly enforced.

The port area.

Downtown Bridgetown.

The entrance to the port.

A cute park area walking back to the port.

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